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A change in the way we communicate with you - news article image

A change in the way we communicate with you

15 May 2020

2 minute read

One of the enduring parts of the British psyche is to look for humour in any situation and the result of the change in Government slogans has been a storm of alternative suggestions such as the one above, for those that remember Prefab Sprout.

Leaving aside the simply rude or inevitably political, there were still many that brought a smile, such as “Sneak Up, Shout at the Virus, then Run” or “To Me, To You, To Me”. My personal favourite however was a little more niche and referenced what I believe to be one of the best films ever, The Princess Bride.

On a somewhat more serious note, we have completed something which we have been looking to launch for some time, which is to begin to use a Client Portal to communicate with you.

The Client Portal is part of our administration system and although it will enable us to do many things, to begin with we will start to use it to upload documents to a secure, segregated system for you to access, as well as allowing you to upload documents for us. This will increase the security of our communications at a time when we are using electronic communications far more than we have previously

The first area where we will be using this is for our review documents. So as your next regular review comes up, we will be asking you to register for the Client Portal and sending you a link to enable you to do so. We will then be able to upload all the review documents for you to look at, where currently we would be emailing them.

 As we all get used to using this system, we will look to move more of our electronic communications to this system in order to enhance the security of your information and improve the service which we are able to provide to you.

Having said all this, we will always look to communicate with each of our clients in a way which works for them. So if you have any concerns about or problems with the Client Portal, or even just simply want to use it, let me know and we will ensure that the way we work with you works for you.

A change in the way we communicate with you - news article image


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