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COVID-19 Advice for business – Internal communication - news article image

COVID-19 Advice for business – Internal communication

26 Mar 2020

2 minute read

Updated 30th March 2020

It is vital to know the facts and communicate proactively with all employees-using clear, compassionate, and understandable messages. This not only demonstrates leadership, but also provides reassurance and instils a sense of trust among employees.

An internal communication plan should be established (if you haven’t one in place already), or updated, as a means of reaching employees through combinations of emails, intranet postings, manager talking points, FAQs or a website hub. The plan should identify simple, key messages, along with a reliable process for providing continual updates and collecting feedback from employees. 

State the facts: Connect employees to timely, accurate information from the Government. Provide clear instructions about what to do if employees suspect they have been exposed to Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Demystify the fear and outline the steps you are taking on behalf of employees: Communicate the facts from authoritative resources on how Coronavirus is spread and how to avoid infection.

Promote safety steps that employees can take to protect their mental and physical health: Use the above mentioned internal comms channels to promote preventative actions employees can take (staying at home, hygiene and social-distancing) – see the Government recommendations here

Provide hints and tips on how to work from home and link to meditation apps such as Headspace and mental health charities such as Oxfordshire Mind who have a wealth of information regarding self-isolation. Consider courses such as those supplied by Future Learn.

Summarise company policies/procedures: Paid time off, payroll, travel and working-from-home policies.

The frequency of the communications for the internal channels will depend on the business need, but in general the information should be cascaded whenever there is a change of direction or policy that impacts the business and employees. In addition, if there has been no material change to the situation for several days, it is good practice to send communications that reiterate the current situation within the business.

All businesses will be trying to deliver as normal as possible service despite these unprecedented circumstances. The advice contained in this alert is relevant and correct up to 26th March 2020.

COVID-19 Advice for business – Internal communication - news article image


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