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Do I have enough to retire? - news article image

Do I have enough to retire?

26 Feb 2021

1 minute read

For many, the most important issue is the amount of money left for retirement, is it enough to have the lifestyle desired.

Calculating the point of being financially independent is based on four questions:

  1. How much have I got?
  2. At what age can I realistically give up work?
  3. How much do I need to save now to achieve the retirement I want?
  4. Is my business worth enough for me to retire?

What if I don’t have enough to retire?

Some people don’t want to do any calculating because they are afraid of the answer. It is far less stressful to face reality and figure out an action plan than it is to get to retirement and come up short.

See my video on using cashflow forecasts to plan for retirement here.

Do I have enough to retire? - news article image


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