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Financial Planning – helping to navigate from A - ? - news article image

Financial Planning – helping to navigate from A - ?

4 Oct 2018

2 minute read

Having been introduced to a lady who was being made redundant from a Director level position in the city, initially our conversation revolved around the redundancy package, pensions and the new jobs she was interviewing for. Being the main breadwinner and with school and University fees to fund, she was naturally keen to make sure that the family standard of living was going to continue and had every confidence that she would get a similar level and type of job fairly quickly.

However, as we went through the process of gathering information, setting up a cashflow and discussing how she felt life would pan out, that ‘satnav to help you get from A to B’ sort of process that so many talk about, it became apparent that actually A to B was not what she wanted.

You see, our prospective new client had an idea; an idea that she would love to have the time to try and develop and a potential partner in developing that idea. However, she hadn’t given serious consideration to creating the time to try and develop this idea because she automatically thought it wouldn’t be possible to do so and meet her responsibilities as well. So she was expecting to just carry on as before until she reached some point where she decided she would retire.

What this lady actually needed was not a satnav to get her from A to B, but a removal firm to take her away from A to setup at E before she did anything else, and so a plan was born. Her idea is still in development and whether it is successful or not is yet to be seen. What our client won’t find though is that in her old age she looks back and wonders what might have happened – or even worse, sees someone else develop that same idea and make a success of it. In the meantime we review the plan, we tweak the elements, we check in on the progress of the idea and changes to her other objectives in life and do everything we can to make sure she has the opportunity that she really wanted, to give it a go.

Financial Planning – helping to navigate from A - ? - news article image

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