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What if I need funding for my business? - news article image

What if I need funding for my business?

1 Feb 2021

1 minute read

Owner Managers tend to self-fund their businesses, this may include personal savings, followed by long or short-term debt. They are often reluctant to source external equity-funding with the belief that it will erode independence. 

However, getting equity-funding does not mean losing control of your business. There are many options which ensure you have the finance you need to grow, but still maintain control of your business 

Funding your business through Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS’s) and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS’s) are just two of the options which allow small to medium sized businesses to be funded by one or more investors. 

If an investor is not the route you want to take, brokering your borrowing to a professional adviser can be advantageous as they can secure deals which might not otherwise be available.

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What if I need funding for my business? - news article image


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