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How much is my business worth? - news article image

How much is my business worth?

22 Feb 2021

1 minute read

A business is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it and what a seller is willing to sell it for. 

As the discussion to sell your business will be one of the most significant steps you will take in your life, it is important to ensure that the process you follow is carefully planned. 

Due diligence will uncover any skeletons in the cupboard and inadequacies in the businesses recording and management information systems and procedures. It is much better to rectify any internal failings prior to the business being marketed for sale and disclose from the outset those which cannot be resolved.

It is worth noting that the COVID Pandemic may not have necessarily devalued your business as weighted averaged for EBITDA are used from previous financial years to obtain the basis for the value.  

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How much is my business worth? - news article image


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