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Shaw Gibbs introduce Dext Prepare - news article image

Shaw Gibbs introduce Dext Prepare

13 May 2022

1 minute read

At Shaw Gibbs we pride ourselves on our key values, Expert, Respectful, Innovative and Collaborative, and are always looking at ways in which we can enhance our services. In line with our innovation value I am pleased to let you know that Shaw Gibbs have introduced, Dext Prepare, a new tool to the practice to help us become even more efficient as we handle all your financial admin. 

Dext Prepare is an online tool and mobile app that extracts all the essential information from your receipts, invoices, bills, statements and all other key documents you need to share with us. The use of Dext Prepare will make it much easier for you to submit your documents, and will reduce the burden on saving receipts and invoices. 

Dext Prepare extracts data with incredible accuracy, meaning that the need for manual entry and possibilities of human error are also significantly reduced. Additional benefits include: 

  • Submitting your documents in seconds - simply by taking a picture of your paperwork via the Dext mobile app, emailing digital documents directly to your account or, synching your supplier accounts to automatically share invoices as they arrive
  • Digitised and securely stored documents - meaning no storage fees or lost documents, and everything is easily accessible
  • Organising your business admin in real time - with documents being sorted by date, supplier, tax, region etc and available almost instantly on one simple dashboard. 

This service will be provided to you free of charge as part of the service we provide. As always, if you have any questions and would like to find out more myself and the team would be more than happy to discuss with you further. 

Shaw Gibbs introduce Dext Prepare - news article image


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