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Turning over a new leaf

23 Sep 2020

4 minute read

As Autumn is upon us and September draws to a close, a number of changes are on the horizon:

29 September - the commercial rent quarter-end

30 September - the end of the temporary restrictions on the use of statutory demands and petitions for the recovery of monies owed

30 September - the one month countdown to the end of the UK furlough scheme on 31 October

Whilst there is no question that some (or all) of these dates will be the cause for concern for landlords, struggling-business-owners and employers/ees throughout the UK, we have a wealth of ideas to help.

We would like to help 'UK PLC' to survive, rebuild and reshape in order to:

Retain the talent which has been heavily invested into

Negotiate with landlords in order to move trading or the workforce completely/partially online

Collect monies owed whilst keeping the supply-chain on side and solvent

Balance short-term commitments with longer-term success

This is where the 'advisory' side of our team and what we do with the experience we have as Insolvency Practitioners is really important.

I firmly believe that there are strategies which can be put in place to help to avoid the negative impacts of Covid-19 and the associated economic uncertainty.

Speak to me about how we can help your business or your clients turn over that 'new leaf'.

Turning over a new leaf - news article image


Hayley Simmons

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