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You can’t spend bricks - news article image

You can’t spend bricks

10 Oct 2018

1 minute read

Financial Planning – helping to answer life’s big questions.

As you get older you need less and less capital to last you for the rest of your life – simple enough equation you might think.

However, where your capital is tied up in property this becomes a bigger problem, ‘you can’t spend bricks’ as they say.

Especially when you are renting the property out and you’re relying on that rental income to live your life, but the value of that property is compounding your Inheritance Tax problem.

How do you optimise this position?

Good financial planning utilising cashflow modelling, can clearly show visually the outcomes of various courses of action, giving you the confidence to make big financial decisions; decisions that would probably not happen otherwise.

One such example recently where a widow owned her own home and a rental property with the rental income providing a significant slice of her living expenditure.

Cashflow planning helped her make the big decision to sell the rental property, which allowed her to:

  • Pay the Capital Gains tax owing
  • Set aside sufficient capital to cover her expenditure for life
  • Gift a sizeable sum to her family
You can’t spend bricks - news article image


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