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Does employee surveillance improve or impair performance?

8 Nov 2017

Employee surveillance continues to evolve, moving from CCTV to monitoring online communications, health or physiological information and even employee ID implants. Whilst monitoring employees electronically does have positive benefits, there must be transparent communication with employees as to how and why they are being monitored. Employers must also be wary of data issues as well as the potential demotivating effects that surveillance may have.

Is the UK ready for a new industrial revolution?

31 Oct 2017

A deal between the UK Government and the British technology sector could create a new industrial revolution worth up to £415 billion. The report led by Siemens, with the consultation of over 200 companies, proposes tax incentives for manufacturers, increased training for workers, and establishing 12 digital research centres in an attempt to boost the post-Brexit economy.

Managing annual leave: five common employer pitfalls

27 Sep 2017

As seen with Ryanair’s recent flight cancellations, mismanaging annual leave can be problematic. To avoid such issues, key recommendations for managers include; asking staff to plan holidays far in advance, regularly reminding staff how much holiday they have left to take and making sure there is adequate cover when anyone is on leave.

What does HR need to know about GDPR?

23 Aug 2017

With the General Data Protection Regulations (GPDR) coming into force from May 2018, here are a few points that HR departments must be aware of: gaining consent must be more explicit and not simply at the back of an employment contract, organisations must disclose a data breach to the appropriate authorities within 72 hours, the right to be forgotten will continue under GDPR, subject access requests will now need a response in less than a month, and employers may need to rethink the recruitment profiling approach.

Supreme court rules employment tribunal fees as unlawful

8 Aug 2017

The number of tribunal claims is likely to increase following the decision made in this landmark case. Unison – one of Britain’s largest trade unions – argued to the Supreme Court that tribunal fees make it virtually impossible for some individuals to exercise their employment rights, also stating that tribunal fees indirectly discriminate against certain groups. The Supreme Court agreed with the trade union, unanimously ruling that employment tribunal fees were unlawful and were to be scrapped with immediate effect.

Workers choose flexibility over a pay rise

28 Jul 2017

A recent study has shown that many workers would choose flexible working over a pay rise, which in turn, could create significant cost savings for businesses. To make these savings, employers must encourage flexibility without creating an always-on culture. Transparent policies, staff training and leadership change are suggested ways in which to achieve this.

What small businesses can learn from Wimbledon’s strong brand

17 Jul 2017

Wimbledon’s iconic brand proves that identifying and protecting values are key. Moreover, these values must be instilled throughout the organisation, they must be lived and breathed from top to bottom, and must be seen on websites and job descriptions. Focus groups, a good HR system and introductions to values throughout recruitment are key ways to create such strong and transparent brand values within your business.

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