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8 Jul 2019

It’s a problem faced not just by doctors however, the NHS depends so much on doctors doing overtime that the impact of the Tapered Annual Allowance is hitting us all.


LC&F collapse

13 Mar 2019

Consumers conned and FCA failed to act and yet there are more firms out there marketing these sort of false promises.

Another problem of the digital age

16 Oct 2018

One in seven people have lost track of their money sitting in savings accounts or pensions - with half blaming lost passwords, a survey suggests. Some 52% of those asked who had lost track of their funds suggested it was the result of a forgotten password.

Will you ever retire?

19 Sep 2017

As life expectancy increases, the Government need to put more money into the state pension fund and individuals need to save more if we are to retire on time.

The value of the pound has slipped on Article 50 date

20 Mar 2017

This is a great example of the irrational nature of markets. Given that we have known for some time that May would trigger Article 50 by the end of March, what rational reason can there be for a sharp drop in sterling when it happens? Did currency traders think it wouldn’t and are surprised?

Unmarried woman wins pension battle

8 Feb 2017

Landmark ruling could see unmarried partners be able to claim spouse’s benefits from pension schemes. Being able to prove financial inter-dependency appears to be key here so having a joint bank account could prove very valuable indeed.

Pound hits lowest level in three months

16 Jan 2017

So the uncertainty created by Brexit continues to be “good” for UK investors as markets will no doubt continue to forge ahead as sterling’s decline benefits major companies with earnings primarily in USD.

Is your investment portfolio futureproof?

16 Dec 2016

The world is changing – the established order is under threat, one such example is the traditional auto industry. How would your investment portfolio adapt to these trends, is it futureproof?

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