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Building an international reputation - news article image

Building an international reputation

26 Jun 2017

2 minute read

Investing in Oxfordshire means joining one of the world’s most dynamic business environments. Our region has world-renowned strengths and capabilities in some of the most strategically innovative sectors on the planet: life sciences, space technologies and cybersecurity, as well as a flourishing community of over 3,000 digital creative firms and a global hub for motorsport and automotive engineering. All of this is in an unprecedented location as part of the UK’s ‘Golden Triangle’ of innovation-intensive economies comprising Oxford, Cambridge and London.

When it comes to choosing professional business services, inward investors need professionals who share their perspective on the global economy. Accountants and lawyers with a track record within international legislative frameworks will always provide peace of mind when it comes to compliance. And good connections in the investment’s locality are critical: so many strong relationships in business begin with an introduction from a local professional adviser. Those with strong connections in London can be invaluable, as this is so often the gateway to the UK for investors from abroad.

Firms in Oxfordshire looking to expand abroad often need help to find professional services in their destination localities, whether they are in commercial property, finance or IP. Again, professionals who can make introductions to good quality, proven practitioners can save a huge amount of time.

At Shaw Gibbs we have a specialist international team which acts for businesses with overseas interests including subsidiaries of US, Indian, Italian, Swiss and Australian groups. And, with offices in London and Oxford, we’re located on two hubs of the ‘Golden Triangle,’ and so in a strong position to fully service inward investors.

In 2016 we were keen to ‘up our game’ when it came to servicing international clients. Our capabilities are strong, but we wanted to offer the type of international reach, services and connections you’d expect from a global accountancy firm with offices worldwide.

So we joined DFK International, the worldwide association of independent accounting firms and business advisers. This enables us to offer our clients, whether inward and outward investors, access and connections to international services and advisors that wouldn’t be possible with locally-bound financial service practitioners.

Membership of one of the world’s largest accountancy associations has helped us provide the resources our clients need when they are looking to establish overseas offices. And, being part of a recognised accountancy association is encouraging international businesses to come to us when they are looking to invest in the UK.

We are the only Oxford-based member of DFK International, which sees us as an important part of their UK operation. When we joined, Bob Law, Chairman of the DFK UK & Ireland National group within DFK International, said: “Oxford had been identified as an important strategic location for DFK UK & Ireland to have representation, so we are delighted to have found such a resourceful and professional firm.”

So talk to us if you are thinking of setting up in the UK, or are already established here and looking at expanding or moving abroad.

Building an international reputation - news article image

Contact us if you are thinking of setting up in the UK, or are already established here and looking at expanding or moving abroad.

Peter O’Connell is Managing Director of Shaw Gibbs, an accountancy firm based in London and Oxford.


Peter O’Connell

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