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How do I start international trade? - news article image

How do I start international trade?

15 Feb 2021

1 minute read

Many owner-managed businesses (OMB's) investigate international trade when they can’t increase sales in their home market. The internet has opened up many possibilities for OMBs to reach global markets, without the need for considerable investment abroad. 

As well as boosting revenue, exporting can reduce the risk of over-reliance on the UK. Whether you are trading online or through in-country sales teams, there will be different tax and legislation requirements. 

These need to be understood and a structure put in place before you start trading.

There are some key issues that you may need to take into consideration when you are planning to expand overseas, these are:

  • Tax
  • Movement of people
  • Compliance with local legislation
  • Intellectual property

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How do I start international trade? - news article image


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