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Guiding you through periods of financial difficulty.

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Whether you are a business or individual and consider your financial issues to be large or small, our specialist Insolvency and Recovery team will find a solution for you.

We have experience that covers all business types and sizes, from small, owner managed businesses to national charities. Our experts also have decades of experience assisting individuals with personal debt worries. We offer an initial, free, one hour consultation to understand your financial position before working collaboratively to find a solution.

Contact one of our Insolvency Practitioners or a senior member of the team below to have a chat on the phone or to arrange an appointment in either our Oxford or London offices.

Key areas we advise on include:

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    • My Partner and I appreciate your guidance and professionalism throughout this unfortunate journey and without your team we would not have kept our licenses to carry on the profession we love.

      A Partnership

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    • My client was very impressed with your professionalism and knowledge.

      Rob McCulloch - Aries Accountants

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    Insolvency & Recovery

    Bankruptcy risk if loan rates rise

    27 Feb 2017

    Figures suggest that if interest rates remain unchanged, 257,800 people will become bankrupt by 2020. Just a 1% rise in rates could lead to 275,900 bankruptcies within 3 years. Our Head of Recovery and Insolvency comments that "If interest rates were to return to 4% - 8%, it could be a huge learning curve to a whole generation who have only known low rates. The Bank of England may consider using interest rates to protect our currency post-Brexit, which could create repossession applications and banks being more aggressive towards ailing businesses, as well as increasing rates of personal bankruptcy."

    New bankruptcy rules ease pressures

    1 Feb 2017

    New rules have made it easier to petition for bankruptcy, but is this a good thing? Do these rules encourage irresponsible borrowing or do they simply make it easier for struggling debtors? Head of Insolvency, Clive Everitt comments saying “the old system was time consuming and intimidating. However, I can see that debtors may declare themselves bankrupt without weighing up alternatives or the possible consequences. One thing remains, seeking expert advice should be the first course of action so do get in touch if you are affected.

    Insolvencies rise as personal borrowing surges

    27 Jan 2017

    90,930 people were declared insolvent in 2016. This was 13% higher when compared with the previous year. According to the Bank of England, a fast growth in personal unsecured borrowing is seen to be a key contributor.

    Chess master’s VAT failure a warning to all

    24 Jan 2017

    Chess Master, Michael Basman has gone bankrupt after failing to charge VAT on ticket sales to an annual chess tournament. Although sports events are often exempt from VAT, Mr Basman owes £300,000 to HMRC because chess is not deemed a sport. Shaw Gibbs’ Head of Insolvency, Clive Everitt, commented saying; “This is an example of not getting advice before the event. So many people avoid getting advice from professionals (accountants / solicitors etc.) only to find out after the event that ‘doing things right’ can save a fortune.

    Our team of experts is always willing to talk to anyone with personal or corporate financial distress - or their advisers - to try to match the best solutions to often difficult and complex situations.

    Contact us via email or ring a member of our team on 01865 292 200.

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