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Whether you are a business or individual and consider your financial issues to be large or small, our specialist Insolvency, Advisory and Recovery team will find a solution for you.

We have experience that covers all business types and sizes, from small, owner managed businesses to national charities. Our experts also have decades of experience assisting individuals with personal debt worries. We offer an initial, free, one hour consultation to understand your financial position before working collaboratively to find a solution.

Contact one of our Insolvency Practitioners or a senior member of the team below to have a chat on the phone or to arrange an appointment in either our Oxford or London offices.

Key areas we advise on include:

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    • My Partner and I appreciate your guidance and professionalism throughout this unfortunate journey and without your team we would not have kept our licenses to carry on the profession we love.

      A Partnership

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    • My husband and I were very pleased with the excellent service we received from Hayley Simmons from Shaw Gibbs. We would highly reccomend her to anyone looking for a positive outcome.

      Mr & Mrs E.

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    • My client was very impressed with your professionalism and knowledge.

      Rob McCulloch - Aries Accountants

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    Insolvency & Advisory

    Rangers administrator sues prosecutors

    15 Nov 2017

    One of Rangers football club’s former administrators, David Whitehouse is suing the case’s prosecutor, Philip Gormley for £9 million. Mr Whitehouse and his colleague Paul Clark were arrested and ‘unlawfully detained’ during an investigation into the company’s affairs. However, the charges have since been dropped. Licensed Insolvency Practitioner Clive Everitt commented; “This is hilarious. Whilst the very public arrests certainly damaged the administrators’ credibility in the market place, I doubt they’ll get £9 million. For me, the question is more around the publicity surrounding such arrests and the implication that the police tip off reporters pending high profile arrest. There is a long history of such events – Kevin Maxwell in the 90’s, Cliff Richard and Leon Brittain a few years ago. It just seems a bit odd that just as the police are turning up a gaggle of press just happen to be in the vicinity.

    Politicians ‘misled’ over RBS GRG bankruptcies

    13 Nov 2017

    Following an investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority, Royal Bank of Scotland have been accused of fabricating the number of insolvencies within its restructuring division. The number of bankruptcies was previously said to have been around 10% but could now be up to 30-35%. Licensed IP, Clive Everitt commented: “This is potentially very powerful. The question is not just regarding the numbers but rather who caused the insolvency and what was the outcome? Some formal procedures actually save jobs! Of course there is also the technical question that if asked, “How many companies referred to the restructuring division ended up going bankrupt?” The answer would be, “None - individuals go bankrupt, companies go into liquidation or administration.” If you ask the wrong question, you get the wrong answer!”

    Monarch administrators lose slots battle in High Court

    9 Nov 2017

    Following its high court battle, Monarch Airlines will not be able to resell its airline slots. Instead, Airport Coordination Limited will oversee the distribution of new slots. Licensed IP, Clive Everitt comments “This really does not surprise me for reason mentioned before that there is a public safety/security/service standard issue around these slots which is crucial for maintenance of public confidence and to have allowed an administrator to sell on the slots to the highest bidder could have opened the door to wholesale trading of slots between airlines with total loss of control by the airport authorities. This really is a pity for the creditors – the cynic in me says that all the conciliatory words from Monarch’s owners that they would pay the funds to the government to cover the cost of repatriation of stranded passengers was nothing more than empty rhetoric as they probably did not expect the administrators to win but it made them look good in the public eye. However, quite rightly, the administrators had to run the argument to see if they could get something for the creditors.

    Our team of experts is always willing to talk to anyone with personal or corporate financial distress - or their advisers - to try to match the best solutions to often difficult and complex situations.

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